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Personal branding photography for Houston med spa, 987 Aesthetics. When it was time for Alex Ochoa, the owner of 987 Aesthetics, to update her social media and website imagery for her med spa, I was happy to join the creative team responsible for her online presence. Her social media manager, Jennifer Perez is a great […]

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Brand Photography For 987 Aesthetics In West University, Houston

Personal Branding Photography For Laura Bytheway Working with Laura has been such a special experience. Since this session, I’ve had the opportunity to work on more projects with her and I can’t tell you how cool she is. First of all, she’s a life coach, but not just any kind of life coach. She’s a […]

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Personal Brand Photography for Laura Bytheway, Post-Narc Coach in Houston, Texas.

Photography Transforms If there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that photography is transformative. The very act of capturing a moment in time transforms it from a fleeting memory into an enduring reminder of the people or events in the image. Photography is not only transformative in the way it documents […]

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From Confidence to Connection: The Transformative Power of Personal Branding Photography

This photo session with Sarah was such a blast. Sarah is one of those people who you feel instantly calm around and I loved working with her on this shoot to bring her coaching brand to life. Sarah is a life coach who provides tools and strategies to high-achieving men after prostate cancer to regain […]

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Personal Brand Photography For Sarah Leonardo in Houston, Texas

Personal Branding For Houston Real Estate Agent In Houston, Tx real estate is big business. We have one of the most robust housing markets in the country, and as a result, the real estate industry is highly saturated. As with any saturated market, standing out from the crowd is vital and there’s no better way […]

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Personal Branding Photography For Laura Miranda In Houston, Texas



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